Sunday, April 1, 2007,7:10:00 AM
Off to bangkok!

Dear friends of stud studio!
I will be off to bangkok from 2 april to 5april! Hopefully i will be able to bring back beautiful goodies for you guys ya? :)
At this time, if you want to order the ear studs, feel free to drop me an email at studstudio@yahoo.com.sg and you will receive an auto-reponse message saying that i will not be around. Its alright, i will review all the orders when i come back okie?
Till then guys!

Yxian : )

Friday, March 30, 2007,9:46:00 AM
Rainbow studs.
Haha, i know this isnt a rainbow looking stud, but i call them rainbow studs coz of their colours. Its actually acrylic buttons with shimmering crystal looking effect :) Sorry for the lousy pictures but i really tried my best to take a photo of them closest to how the real thing is like. Honestly they are lovely :)

This is picture that can show the shimmering effect : )

Get them for $2.50 per pair : )
*Please add additional $0.50 for postage.
I currently only have 1 pair of each, so u can also start ordering now :) If u are interested to get the available pair of stud, payment have to be made latest by 1 april 07 1pm so that i can mailed the studs out before i leave for bangkok. I will be in bangkok from 2 april till 5 april, therefore, if you made ur transfer after 1 april 1 pm, you will ve to wait till 6 april then i will be able to check ur transfer.
All orders and late payment will be review and done after 5 april 07 : )
Current available stock:
- Dark blue
- Light blue


Sunday, March 25, 2007,8:52:00 AM
BeadsnButtons creations

Flower studs :)

Love smth bright and cheery on ur ears?

Get this adorable flower studs for only $2 per pair, get 2 pairs for only $3 :)

Sunday, March 4, 2007,5:19:00 AM

Funky grapelicious studs. Comes in shades of red and light purple.
$3.50 per pair =)
*Remakes possible subject to availability of colours



If you are a sunflower lover, this is definitely the stud for u! Comes in shades of yellow, green and red.

Yellow: 2 pairs available

Green: 3 pairs available

Red: 1 pair available

Selling at $3 per pair =)


Friday, March 2, 2007,9:31:00 PM
Many thanks!
Hey all! Thanks so much for your support =) The first batch of ear studs are nearly sold out! If the response is good, i may bring in second batch of Little volkswagen studs again (depending on availablilty of items as well).

Our new items are coming up soon, earliest by tml =) Do check back ya?


Friday, February 16, 2007,8:13:00 PM
My little volkswagen


Saturday, January 13, 2007,4:23:00 AM
Coming up!
Previously created http://studstudio.blogspot.com.... kinda stupid... didnt manage to sign in! so now this is the new addy!

This blog will be ready by end of February 07! Watch this space!

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